Saturday, March 23, 2013

Free Hugs, anyone ?

Free Hugs, anyone? Ask me that and I would’ve said YES without second thoughts! I know every morning I’ve been rushing like so crazy for college that forget hugs I don’t even remember the last time I’ve had my breakfast at home instead of car. FML, I know! How a three letter word can make us feel so perfect physically, biologically, chemically and most importantly fantastically :D And hence this post for all the uplifting vibrations created by hugs in making our lives more Epic \m/

* Minute-to-win-it Hugs: I love the intense sort-it-all-out hugs that last for almost a minute! After that you hardly have any grudges
   against that person because they know exactly how to win your 
   heart :)  

* Double-your-size Hugs: Haha sometimes how we love being squeezed
   like a jelly jam paste from double-our-size friends :P

* David and Goliath Hugs: Only friends with major height difference
    can understand that. Major means MAJOR! They bend and you tip-
    toe. Epic :B
* Hugs that you receive from your filthy sweaty lil brother looking
    like a Hershey mud bar after his soccer match. You know he’s gonna
    mess up your hair,clothes and everything but still you go aww :)

 * Mom-Dad-You-trio Hugs makes you feel exactly like a puppy
   woofing inside.

* Mommy-I-need-you Hugs: Sick and feverish. With those stinky
   medicines and boiled veggy soup I just need my mom made hug to
   make me feel better.
 * Heavy Petting Hugs: They give you such super mamma feeling, I tell
    you :)

* Lost and Found Hugs: I remember bumping into one of my childhood
   friends nearly after 8 years.And who still remembers to make fun of
    your weird nose. Not fair :/ 

* Birthday Hugs: They vary from classy ones with air kisses to its-
   your-birthday-dude hugs :D

* Not-so-known-Hugs : Eh, random relatives hugging you. Freaks me

* Cupid Hugs : Now what do I exaggerate on this? Cupid already made

   you fall in love ;)

*  Show-off-Hugs : They are given to other friends of yours in order
    make your friend jealous with whom you’ve momentarily fought
    with for no reason. Don’t look at me like this. People actually do
    this, come on ? *facepalms*

* Dramatic Hugs : Oh everyone needs drama in their life ;D

* Best friend Hugs: They’re classic and reserved. In short, never
   replaceable always treasureable <3

* ‘Grand’parents Hugs: They’re the most comforting, experienced and
    given at times when you perfectly need one :) Indeed in true sense
    they're grand.

* Goodbye Hugs : Wet shoulders. I’ll miss you eyes. Stay some more,
   please ? :(


We don't need a Hugs Day to hug someone. Hug them and make them feel loved. So go ahead and Hug the world :)